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EUR 1,000 Reach 33,000 people

Dear friends of our Lifelong Mission,

We have all experienced in recent years how difficult it can be to maintain families and relationships. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many families around the world with significant challenges. Many families have had to cope with financial difficulties, isolation, and stress while trying to maintain their relationships.
In addition, many families live in countries affected by war, poverty and other difficult situations. These families often have little access to support or resources to improve their relationships and regain happiness.
The Lifelongapp wants to help these families by offering all app features for free in third world countries. But to do that, we need your help! With your donation to the Soli Deo Gloria Foundation, you can help families and couples find happiness again and stick together in these difficult times.

With just 3 cents you can help a family and partnership to find happiness again. If you donate 200 euros, you can help over 6000 couples or for 1000 euros you can help 33,000 couples and families. Every donation helps us help families and couples worldwide and reduce the impact of COVID-19 and war on their relationships.
We are grateful for any amount you can donate. Your donations will go directly to the Soli Deo Gloria Foundation and receipts will be issued for donations of 100 Euros or more.
So please support families and couples worldwide and help them to find happiness again, even in these difficult times.

Best regards,
Michaela and Stephan