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  • Complete RQ Test
  • Basic Analyses
  • Mood Meter
  • Detail-Analyse
  • 40+ videos
  • 12 Weeks Challenge


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  • Complete RQ Test
  • Basic Analyses
  • Mood Meter
  • Detail-Analyse
  • 40+ videos
  • 12 Weeks Challenge

What you should know about the Lifelong App

The RQ Test

We have created a 56-question relationship test that measures the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship.

The Analysis

The analysis shows you 7 relationship qualities and how you and your partner performed in these qualities.
But not only that, you will also see the 5 worst answered questions, the 5 best answered questions, as well as the questions where you and your partner are furthest apart.

The Challenge

There is a 3 week, 6 week and 12 week challenge where you get a video course every week and an action step every single day. Your partner and you will obviously get different challenges every day.

The Mood Meter

Investing in your relationship every day sounds hard and exhausting. But the Mood Meter only costs you 5 seconds every day, measuring the happiness of your relationship. You can also see how happy your partner is. You can scroll down to see the last weeks and even months.

Is the App in English?
The whole app including all videos are completely in English and German. The app will automatically set itself to the correct language. If not, you can change it in the settings at any time.

“Lifelong is the most compressive ap available to people to assess relationships and complete the repairs to those that need strengthening.  And all the effort required is at your fingertips: your smart phone, which is with you at all times”

Carl Tompkins, President and Founder  The Way of Business

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the Wesely’s and their Lifelong Application for building stronger relationships.  Their App. is an amazing tool that should be required reading and testing for every high school student before they graduate or any couple considering marriage.

As a pastor and international speaker who has been involved with counseling scores of couples for several decades, I find the Lifelong App. to be the best tool to assist people in developing healthy relationships and lasting marriages.

I highly recommend the Lifelong Book and App. to schools, churches, pastors, and counselors who wish to have a practical guide in assisting people in personal areas of growth.”

Jim Grassi, Founder/ President Men’s Ministry Catalyst Idaho

“I did the 6 weeks challenge and actually I think my fiancé and I are even more in love than before because we got to know each other better. Thank you Lifelong!”

“My personal highlight are the video courses and the knowledge they impart. The videos I’ve seen so far are about 10 minutes long, which my husband also enjoyed watching.”

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