In a relationship there are ups and downs, sometimes you are closer, sometimes you feel a certain distance. So that the closeness outweighs the distance and even completely banished from your relationship here are two important points:

Words have power

Pay attention to what you say. Speak positive things into your partner’s life. If you want to criticize, please think twice. Many criticisms can be clarified quite normally in conversation, without putting your partner in front of the head.
Keep your language clean: don’t use words that put your partner down. Do not call your partner names. Say positive words.
Pay attention to the subliminal message: sometimes your partner is disappointed or sad because of his poor self-image or the belief that he is incapable. Then encourage your partner now. Say what you see in your partner, who your partner is to you, and what they are capable of.
The same goes for your partner, because it takes two to tango!


Forgiveness instead of eternal distance

In a partnership we should follow this example. Forgiving someone is always difficult. Forgiveness means, I absolve someone from the guilt of having hurt me. It is in the nature of forgiveness that forgiveness costs us everything. But it is also in the nature of forgiveness that forgiveness sets us free.


I always find it difficult to jump over my shadow.

Sometimes I know very well that I’ve gotten myself into something, yet my mouth seems to be closed and I can’t bring myself to say the forgiveness. Not infrequently, when my husband has asked me for forgiveness, all he has heard from me is “Mmhm”.

But we should get over ourselves. In the end, we only harm ourselves if we allow bitterness in us instead of forgiveness. Jesus really had every reason not to forgive the people on the cross. They were not only insolent to him, they had not only hurt him or treated him disrespectfully, they had accused him and killed him, and that without any guilt. And they did not ask him to forgive them either! Nevertheless, Jesus managed to forgive them.


It is difficult to bring the words over the lips: I forgive you.

But do it, even if it is only a whisper, and even if it has not quite fallen into your heart.For, as Mahatma Ghandi said: The weak cannot forgive, to forgive is a quality of the strong.

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