Do you feel that your husband or boyfriend is not doing anything for the relationship? You don’t know how to approach the delicate matter and how to deal with it?

Then it is especially helpful for you to know the following facts:

The man wants to be seen, respected, praised. In a way, he wants to be the hero for his partner. If she doesn’t trust him, doesn’t praise him for his actions and doesn’t respect him, then the man will break out. In many relationships, at some point the woman begins to criticize her partner only: “You don’t listen to me, you don’t have time for me, you work too much, you don’t understand me!”

And then the statement: my husband does nothing for the relationship.
But this is in strong contrast to what your partner wants: respect, love, praise.

Your partner would like to understand you, he would like to make you happy. Therefore, you should help him with this.

Tell him what is going on inside you.

Tell him when you feel that he is not listening to you.

Tell him when you don’t feel understood. Tell him that it is important to you to know about his day.

Tell him that you feel, “My husband is not doing anything for the relationship.”

But say it lovingly. Not reproachfully. He wants to, but can’t do better without your help.


And help him feel good and respected about himself. Tell him what he is doing right. Give praise deliberately. Show him what you respect and admire him for.

His way of working the drawers of his life is one of the ways the man effectively manages his life. And even though the woman may not be able to understand this, it is exactly right.

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