What space do these important things have in your schedule?


How much time do you set aside for your partner? Do you ever set aside a time for a marriage evening, a marriage breakfast, or a marriage vacation?

A healthy rule would be to spend at least one evening a week as a married couple, together. Just decide together: for example, every Saturday we’ll do something on our own, a stroll around town, a movie, dinner out, or whatever you feel like doing.

If you already have children, then organize a babysitter for every Friday evening.

Whether you have children or not, spend a weekend alone now and then. Collect beautiful experiences together. This also works wonders for your sexuality.

Without the necessary care for your partnership, your relationship cannot last in the long run. Maybe 100 years ago it was not so important to take care of your partner, but today the issue of time is elementary! Spend time with your partner, enjoy your relationship, refuel together.



How much space do your kids have? Do you take the little ones for a bike ride or a soccer game once in a while? Do you make time without always having to look at your watch or cell phone? And what about when your kids are a little older? Teenagers also need their parents’ attention, they like to talk. And they feel loved when you take an interest in their lives. If you never have time for them, they will quickly close off to you.

Your children need time. This will let them know that you care about them. If you are willing to spend some of your precious time with them, your relationship will be loving and stable, even when the difficult time of puberty comes. A study of teenagers found that young people feel loved most when their parents have time for them and take an interest in them. If the teenage girl doesn’t get home until 1, even though she had an appointment at 11, and her parents don’t notice or don’t care, they don’t feel loved. And when the promised outing with Daddy is postponed for the tenth time because his work is more important, they don’t feel loved either.


God Relationship

Is there anything on your calendar about God relationship? Worship, times of prayer, times of service? If you don’t set aside time, you’ll cancel worship very quickly when something comes up.

Your faith is your retreat. It’s where you can rest, recharge your batteries, be comforted and encouraged. The Sabbath in the Bible was a holy day that you could not simply ignore. It had a broad meaning, because as humans we tend to take ourselves and our work too seriously. Only by keeping the Sabbath did people focus their eyes on something higher. And only in this way did they take time for rest and relationships.

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