It is important for the man to realize that it is extremely difficult for his partner to focus only on him when there is still so much going on in her head. Women often want to talk about the events of the day first. In a lecture by an older lady, I once heard the funny phrase, “Women talk to hear themselves think.” Even though this saying seems really very funny at first, there is some truth to it. We women speak out the things that are going on inside us, this makes them clearer and at the same time processed. We want to communicate, to tell what happened today. We want to get things off our chest.

Women want to be loved for who they are.

They want to be seen for the things they do that make them who they are. They want to be admired, for their insides and their outsides.

And maybe they want a partnership that is exciting and passionate. But what they definitely want is a partner who loves them and gives them security. And despite all self-realization, most women like it when they can look up to their partner!

So sexuality is more like a dance.

A dance that is already being danced throughout the day. Sometimes fast and fun, sometimes quiet and tender. There is nothing shameful about the dance, as it is sometimes misunderstood. Even from a Christian perspective, the subject of sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. In the High Song of Love in the Bible, the dance, that is, sexuality, is described with all its facets.

God made man and woman that way. And He also intentionally made them different so that this dance of intimacy would be danced by both of them with complete devotion. The result of this completion of emotional and physical intimacy is not only unique joy and satisfaction, but also a deep bond.

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