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Over 200,000 downloads. The Lifelong App helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your partnership in 15 minutes and offers you tried and tested methods and support for a happy partnership - without expensive couple coaching!


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What you sould know about the Lifelong App
The RQ Test

We have created a 56-question relationship test that measures the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship.

The Analysis

The analysis shows you 7 relationship qualities and how you and your partner performed in these qualities.
But not only that, you will also see the 5 worst answered questions, the 5 best answered questions, as well as the questions where you and your partner are furthest apart.

The Challenge

There is a 4 week, 8 week and 12 week challenge where you get a video course every week and an action step every single day. Your partner and you will obviously get different challenges every day.

The Mood Meter

Investing in your relationship every day sounds hard and exhausting. But the Mood Meter only costs you 5 seconds every day, measuring the happiness of your relationship. You can also see how happy your partner is. You can scroll down to see the last weeks and even months.

Quick facts about the Lifelong App

Over 200,000 downloads


Over 1,000 reviews


Over 130,000 tests made

Users from over 75 countries

In all of my roles, I meet so many people, and as I get closer to them, I see that the biggest challenge that all of these people, young and old, are struggling with is relationships and marriage.

The Lifelong app is my first recommendation for anyone we counsel to not only see where they are, but to guide them to healing and resolution. I recommend it to anyone seeking a balanced and active relationship.

Danny Kim

Silicon Valley

Miss it or forget it! What everyone knows in their everyday life has not yet been possible in a partnership. That's why I celebrate the Lifelong App, because it helps in a neutral but objective way to make what makes a good relationship measurable and thus to lay a basis for discussion and development for the partnership.

Jonathan Dubowy

Founder and Director, Creative Kingdom Solutions

The team behind the app